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Delivered at various locations throughout the Africa.All levels from Team Leader to MD.

In-house Training

Bespoke, customised training based aroundyour exact requirements and needs.

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Management and Training courses

No matter whether you are a new or experienced manager we have a number of different open management training courses that will help you to improve your effectiveness in your leadership role.

Our management courses are ran throughout the country and are practical, fun and engaging.

With our open courses, you will attend with other managers from different organisations where you will all be able to share experiences and best practices. We offer CPD certification for all of our courses so you will get a formal accreditation.

In-house Training

We’ve noticed an increase in demand from our clients to organise In-house or Onsite training in a wide range of topics including Management Programmes, Sales Training, Health & Safety and more so we thought we’d highlight some of the advantages and benefits. We’ve highlighted the disadvantages as well to help you be aware of these and take action to reduce the impact

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Management Development Programmes

We have extensive experience in creating on-going management development programmes and leadership programmes for all different sectors.

These normally entail a number of modules delivered over a 3 to 18 month period and can be workshop based or a blended approach.

Private and public sector organisations put their trust in us to develop their leaders.

We offer various sessions for business leaders looking to effectively manage in today’s rapidly changing and complex market environment. Sessions will explore leading technology trends that drive greater business efficiency. Attendees will discover ways to simplify business processes and create new opportunities for growth. Executive learning sessions will focus on new approaches to manage change and complexity with innovative technology and tools that lead to breakthrough thinking

Our Human Resource conferences have been running for the past 4 years and have grown to be some of the most prestigious human resource events in Africa. Each year the events bring forth latest and cutting edge Human Resource solutions as well as great networking opportunities. These events have been a key platform for the creation of numerous successful partnerships and support from our delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and media partners.

Huge strides in technological advancements have meant that executives in these fields have to constantly keep up with the dynamic nature of the industry. HLSTC facilitates events with quality content to enhance your knowledge and strengthen your networks.

HLSTC offers events that inspire transparency, accountability, ethics, morals and general productive operations of companies, through well-thought out and properly implemented good corporate governance principles

Our engineering events are innovative and strive to impart best business practices in promoting critical industry issues. Paramount to our success is partnering with relevant industry associations in not only advancing professional development but in also improving the different the different fields in the industry.


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